Review – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush


So when I heard that Hourglass were releasing an Ambient Lighting Blush I just could not resist getting my hands on one. Combining their ever famous Ambient Lighting Powder with gorgeous pinky hues, who could resist? I sat at my laptop contemplating for ages on which colour to choose as they all looked so beautiful. I ended up going with the colour Dim Infusion as I thought this would be the safest option and would most suit my light complexion. On the skin Dim Infusion is a light coral colour and acts as a blush and highlight in one due to the light reflective particles which the Ambient Lighting Powder is famous for giving the cheeks a radiant glow.

I have to say I’m in love with it already. It goes on the cheeks so smoothly and the powder is so finely milled that it looks as if you are glowing from within. When I first tried it I swirled my brush in it and this picked up way too much product as it is quite powdery so you must use a light hand. Dim Infusion probably wouldn’t show up on darker skin tones but if you are fair like me it is a perfect, subtle everyday blush.

Although it is beautiful it comes with a very hefty price tag of £28. If you are a blush addict and are looking for something lovely to add to your collection I’d say it’s worth it but if you are looking for an everyday blush I wouldn’t say this is overly different to other blushes out there so it would be better to save yourself some pennies and go for a cheaper option.

Have any of you tried any of the other colours in the collection? What is your opinion on the Ambient Lighting Blushes? 🙂




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