Month: July 2014

First Impression Review: Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner


So the much anticipated Benefit Push Up Liner has finally been released into stores and obviously I went to purchase one to try out for myself. Benefit claims that this liner will hug the lash line due to the new AccuFlex™ Tip, making winged eyeliner easier to apply than ever and it is said to be suited to all eye shapes. It has a gel, matte black formula which comes out of the tip when you twist the pen. Be warned, less is more with this! If you allow too much gel to come out of the tip it will not go well!

I was skeptical about this liner after hearing a lot of mixed reviews. Some love it and some hate it. Some people have said that it takes a while to get used to and some say it is great for applying on others but not on yourself. I have to say that I did not find this super easy to apply. In fact the first time I applied I found that it dragged on the lash line and didn’t create a smooth line. I found the wing was easy to create with this as it just required one dab due to the angled shape of the tip. However when trying to line the upper lash line I found that I had to keep going over the liner to create an opaque black line. But once I had applied several coats it did leave a really nice line and looked really good! It also dries out quite quickly so you have to keep twisting the pen to release more product and you have to work very fast. After using it a couple of times I found that it got easier with each application.

However, here’s the huge downside. I found that after a few hours it started to dry up and kind of separate and flake off. I’ve never found this with any other gel liner but maybe I used too much product or something? I also noticed it falling down onto my face and ruining my concealer. As I said maybe I’m not using it correctly but I found this very weird.

I do think that I need to give it a few more tries to see if this just happens with the first bit of product released and gets better with time. It is £18.50 in stores has been released along with a They’re Real remover which I need to try out. I didn’t find this hard to remove at all with my regular Garnier Eye Makeup Remover which was good as I was expecting it to require much more effort.

So yeah, I’m going to try this out a bit more to see if it grows on me but for now I’m not super impressed which is upsetting because I love Benefit products and I had high hopes!

Have you tried this liner? If so what do you think? xx