Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes


So there I was.. in Tesco.. doing my weekly food shopping and oops… I accidentally found myself in the makeup aisle. I was casually browsing the Maybelline stand when a big selection of beautiful, colourful nail polishes caught my eye. Underneath these beautiful nail polishes was a big ‘2 for £5’ sticker. This meant I saved £1 by buying two (they are £2.99 each) so of course, I bought three!? Why I didn’t buy four for £10 I don’t know, but three seemed enough in that moment.

I chose the shades 104 Noite De Gal (A very dark purple, almost looks black on the nails in some lights, perfect for autumn), 354 Berry Fusion (a beautiful metallic berry shade, also perfect for autumn), and 254 Latte (a gorgeous browny, pinky nude colour, perfect for every occasion).

So I tested them out and here’s what I thought… These are amazing for the price, they are so affordable yet the opacity of colour after two coats is perfect and the brush makes them so easy to apply. The colour selection is huge, there are over 50 shades to choose from, so there’s something for every occasion. They have a gel-like finish which is my fave, although I usually use Sally Hansen’s 3D Gel Shine Top Coat to add even more shine! They lasted about 4 days on my nails until they started to chip, but I didn’t use a base coat. With a base coat or a different top coat maybe they last longer.

Overall I’m really happy with the quality for the price and I really recommend you try some. Boots always have 3 for 2 offers on Maybelline, so maybe next time you find yourself shopping at the drugstore, give one a go!

Have you guys tried these? What’s your favourite nail polish?

Aisha xx

nail polish swatches

104 looks black in this picture, more purple shows through on the nail! also 254 looks pink in some lights and browny in others.

IMG_3814104 Noite De Gal



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