GlamGlow Masks – Worth The Hype?


Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Today I wanted to share my thoughts on these two GlamGlow masks – the SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment and the THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment. I’m sure everyone has heard a lot of things about these masks as GlamGlow has been all over the internet over the past few years and these are probably some of the most famous masks on the market. They are super pricey so that’s why I want to share my opinion with you on them, so you can decide if it’s really worth spending the money on them if you’re thinking about purchasing one! So with all that said, let’s get on with the review 🙂

GlamGlow SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment:
First I’m gonna tell you a bit of information about the mask and then share my thoughts on it.

GENERAL INFO: So, this mask is targeted at those of you with problem skin, to solve common skin concerns such as breakouts, large pores, discolouration, black and white heads and even to treat razor burn and in-grown hairs. It is paraben and sulfate free, contains an ‘ACNECIDIC-6™ 4.4%’ six-acid blend of AHA and BHA acids and is also formulated with ‘Activated-X’ charcoal which is meant to work like a ‘magnet’ to draw out impurities and excess dirt. As well as this, it contains K17-Clay™ which is basically meant to extract excess oils and bacteria to leave your skin looking clean, fresh and youthful. It is supposed to help to brighten and even out the complexion, reducing discolouration and blemishes as well as speed up the healing process from breakouts and improve elastin and collagen which leaves the skin looking more youthful. The full size pot contains 1.2oz/34g of product and retails at $69/£44.99. It’s pretty pricey but each application only requires you to use a pea size amount so it lasts a pretty long time! It claims to give 17 full face applications or 1,000 spot treatments.

REVIEW: So as you can see, it is supposed to include a lot of ‘magic’ ingredients and Glamglow claims that this mask can do a lot of things all in one! So does it really work and do what it’s supposed to do?
I have been using this mask at least once a week for about two months and I can say that I’ve definitely noticed a difference.
What I really love about this mask if that about 1 minute after application, it starts to dry and you can actually physically see all of your impurities being drawn out. I find this so satisfying but slightly gross aha.
The first time I used it, I applied it all over my face and left it on for about 20 minutes. After I removed it, I instantly noticed that my skin felt so much softer and smoother and the blackheads on my nose had dramatically reduced.
However, the day after application, when I woke up in the morning, I had broken out quite a lot, in places around my face that I never usually get spots. I found this so weird and I read some reviews and saw that a lot of people noticed the same thing and said that this only happens at the beginning, but after more uses it goes away and your skin starts to get better. It’s called a ‘purging phase’. This happens because the mask really draws all of the dirt out that’s been stuck underneath your skin and this causes it to break out.
Of course, after this I was hesitant to use it again but I persevered (being the strong woman that I am ;)). After about 3 uses, I started breaking out less and I noticed that my current breakouts were healing super quickly, almost overnight.
I now use this mask very often, it is really good as a spot treatment as it literally dries up a blemish over night and it dramatically reduces it’s size. It doesn’t completely clear my skin, but I do notice that after each use my pores look slightly smaller, some of my spots have cleared, my skin just feels amazing and looks plump and youthful.
My only complaint is that it is pretty stripping. It drives out all of your oils and impurities which can leave your skin feeling a little dry and tight, but nothing major.
I reckon that there are probably other masks that do similar things to this one for a much cheaper price but I’m yet to find one that works as well as this.
So overall, I really enjoy this mask. I’ve never used it to treat an in-grown hair or razor burn, but it’s cool that it’s meant to heal these problems. I would definitely recommend it if you’re thinking about trying it, but I think you should purchase a sample size before splurging on the full size.

GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment:
GENERAL INFO: This mask claims to ‘restore, replenish and calm’ the skin. It’s aimed at dry or dull skin and it is supposed to provide instant extreme hydration for long and short term results. It contains Dewdration™ which boosts and locks in moisture to make skin dewy, HydraPack™ which is supposed to leave skin feeling instantly soft and silky, and GreenEnergy™ which smooths and energises the skin. The full size retails for $69/£49.99 (it’s on sale at Feelunique for £39.50 now) and it contains 1.7oz/50g. You can also buy a 0.5oz sample size for $19 at Sephora which is the one I purchased.

REVIEW: This is basically like an extreme moisturiser. It is super easy to use, you can use it as many times as you want, you can leave it on for 20 minutes or you can apply it before bed and use it as an overnight treatment.
I have been using this in conjunction with the Clearing Treatment. I find that the two work perfectly together, as the Clearing Mask leaves the skin a bit dry and the Thirsty Mud gives the skin its moisture back.
Again, after the first use I noticed a difference in my skin. It looked super glowy and fresh and it felt silky soft. I used it as an overnight treatment because my skin was looking pretty dull and I wanted to give it a boost, and it worked.
One thing that I really love about this is the smell. It smells like a mix of coffee and chocolate, I want to eat it because it smells so delicious (don’t do that btw).
I feel like this does work, however it is pretty much just an expensive, fancy moisturiser that smells good. You can probably get the same effect from many other moisturisers.
I recommend purchasing the sample size, again, as it’s super pricey and you can then decide if it’s worth splurging on the full size. I do like it and I think if I repurchase I’ll keep repurchasing the sample size as it lasts me a long time. However, I am gonna look for a cheaper alternative.

I do think that these two masks are worth the hype. However, they may not work for everyone because everyone is different. I recommend trying them out though or reading lots of other peoples reviews. GlamGlow also does other masks to target different skin problems, so check out their other ones if you have different skin concerns you want to target.

So there’s my opinion on these masks. I hope you enjoyed reading and found this helpful.

Have you tried any Glamglow masks before? If so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading,

Aisha xxx




  1. amazing post , really informative , needed to know for ages if these were worth purchasing since christmas was coming up and I didn’t want to spend money on something that could turn around and not be as good as I thought. Theres a lot of hype around them on youtube , but not with the youtubers I watch that tend to have the same skin type as I do , amazing post again , would love it if you checked out my latest xxx

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think these would make a really good Christmas present! But I think there are probably a lot more options that are a lot cheaper, I’m just yet to find them:) xx

  2. I had PowerMud on my wish list!! Now I’m gonna go for it. Thanks. I have ThirstyMud and it all started with samples. Lol. Now I can’t live without it. The smell is delicious and I love how it feels on my face….so relaxing!!

  3. Yes I use the glamglow supermud once a week too lately and it’s just really good at purifying skin a bit ( like most clay masks ) . I’ve heard a lot of hype about the omorovicza version so I may try that one when i use the the glamglow supermud up. Lovely post . Xx

    1. Oooh I haven’t heard about the omorovicza one but I’ve heard so much about their cleanser so I really want to try some of their skincare! It’s super pricey too but I think skincare is the one thing to splurge on xx

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