Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette


Hey guys! Welcome back 🙂

So today I wanted to review this beautiful creation of a palette… The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. You’ve probably all heard about this before, and that’s for a reason. It is such good quality, it’s full of beautiful warm tones (which is right up my street) and it’s so affordable at £15.50/€17.50 (what more could you want?). So let me get on with it, I’ll give a general review and a description of each shadow, along with swatches!

Packaging: The palette is in a kind of cardboard case, with a gold diamond pattern, which makes it look slightly like a chocolate bar. It is really pretty, and doesn’t look cheap, however I’m not the biggest fan of cardboard packaging as it can get dirty/damaged easily. It is really lightweight and thin, so could be perfect for travelling, BUT, it doesn’t have a mirror, which is the other downside. Instead of a mirror, it has this little quote which says ‘with superb ingredients selected with love for the taste of temptation’ which is pretty cute. (The eyeshadow names are pretty cute too!)

Quality: The palette is made free from parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and phthalates, which is so good to see for such an affordable product. The eyeshadows are of superior quality, they are super pigmented and blend so so well, particularly the shades Substitute for Love and Freshly Toasted, which makes them perfect as transition shades. The shadows last all day on me and they don’t crease! I was so surprised by the quality, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes and it has made me want to try all of Zoeva’s eyeshadows (especially the En Taupe Palette which looks amazing).

As you can see, there is also a beautiful range of colours. They are all pretty warm toned, with 4  matte shades, and 6 metallic/shimmery shades. The range is so diverse and you can create so many looks just using this palette (from simple daytime looks to dramatic smokey eyes). There is everything from a matte white highlight, to a shimmery gold, to a matte black. This is great because I usually have to search for a separate transition shade or highlight when using other palettes but this contains everything you need. Basically, it’s perfect and I have nothing bad to say.

Top Row
zoeva cocoa blend swatches

Bitter Start: A matte white, perfect for a matte brow bone highlight, and inner corner highlight or to use as a base shadow.

Sweeter End: A shimmery kind of rose gold colour, perfect all over the lid or in the centre for a pop of shimmer.

Warm Notes: This is the reason I bought the palette. It’s a beautiful, metallic, warm cranberry, shimmer shade, perfect all over the lid for a dramatic look.

Subtle Blend: An amazing golden bronze shade, perfect all over the look for any kind of look!

Beans Are White: A super blendable matte black. Great for deepening up the outer corner or smoking out the lower lash line.

Bottom Row
zoeva cocoa blend swatches 2

Pure Ganache: A beautiful metallic, copper shade. This one is super pigmented and gives an amazing sheen when applied to the lid.

Substitute For Love: A creamy/matte, warm brown shade. This is the most perfect crease/transition shade and blends so effortlessly.

Freshly Toasted: A reddish matte brown shade, again, perfect as a transition colour and in the crease, or all over the lid, or even on the outer corner to deepen up a look.

Infusion: A metallic, dark grey with golden shimmer running through it. It almost looks duo chrome! It’s beautiful.

Delicate Acidity: A metallic, taupe brown with an almost purple plum duo chrome effect. Again, beautiful and so unique!

Ok, so there you have it. As you can probably already tell, I am in love. If you don’t own this palette, you need it in your life! Or at least try one Zoeva palette, you won’t be disappointed (hopefully). You can get this on the Zoeva website HERE or on Beauty Bay HERE.

Have you guys tried this palette or any other Zoeva palette? If so, let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,

Aisha xxx




  1. OMG!!! This palette is perfection ❤ ❤ ❤ Unfortunately we can not get it in pakistan :(((( I wish i could get my hands on it 😦 Lovely post Aisha <#

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