Anastasia Glow Kit – Worth The Hype?







Hey guys!

So you’ve probably seen the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits ALL OVER Instagram, YouTube and the beauty blogging community. The launch of the two kits, That Glow and Gleam, created such excitement in the makeup world, following the release of Anastasia’s amazing illuminators, which left everyone wanting more. And the thought of getting four highlighters in one kit… isn’t that just heaven?? Anastasia is the queen of brows, and is now also the queen of highlighters. So after all the hype, and after falling in love with the ABH So Hollywood Illuminator, I was sososo excited to get my hands on my very own glow kit. So… are they worth the hype?

She released two kits, one called Gleam and the other called That Glow (as mentioned earlier). I chose to purchase That Glow, as the shades stood out the most to me. The Gleam kit is more warm toned, with pinky, pearly highlight colours, whereas That Glow has more of a champagne, golden, bronze vibe, which is right up my street. Each kit comes with four, full sized highlighter pans, each containing 7.4g/0.26Oz of product, so you get a LOT of product! They retail at $40, and considering one single illuminator is $28, it’s pretty good value for money (in my opinion aha).

I like the fact that there are so many shades to suit so many different skin tones. They are also multipurpose, you can apply them to the cheekbones, brow bones, high points of the face etc, and they can also be applied to the body. You can even layer them to create a lot of different shades or spray your brush with fix + and apply them wet for an even more intense, luminous glow.

Packaging: The palette is pretty. It comes in a pink/rose gold cardboard palette (like the contour kits), which has a magnetic close, and feels pretty sturdy. It’s really lightweight, and great for travelling. Also, the highlighter pans are magnetic and can pop out, so you can add them to your own Z-Palette if you prefer.

Product: When I swatched them for the first time, they were like no other highlighters I had ever felt before (that sounds so dramatic). Anyway, they just felt so creamy and smooth and the swatches were so beautiful and pigmented. However, when I actually applied them I wasn’t overwhelmed with the quality of the highlighters, they didn’t seem to be as pigmented and metallic as the illuminators when applied to the skin. However, I kept using them, I fell in love, and now I actually prefer them. I think that I wasn’t applying them correctly, because I discovered that they are way more pigmented when you swipe your brush downwards into the pan, rather than swirling your brush around in the product (I learnt this from Amanda Ensing). They just give such an intense, ‘lit-from-within’ glow, better than most highlighters that I’ve tried.


highlight swatches.jpg

SUNBURST: ‘A luminous, metallic gold’. This is my favourite shade. It’s almost a white gold, it’s pretty intense, and suits my fair skin tone perfectly.

GOLDEN BRONZE: A true warm, golden bronze shade. It’s pretty dark, so on my fair skin I can use it as a bronzer. I think this would be a perfect highlight for deeper skin tones. This is also a great shade to use as an eyeshadow.

BUBBLY: ‘A pearlescent, rose champagne’. This is my other favourite. It’s just a classic champagne highlighter, and would suit many different skin tones.

DRIPPING IN GOLD: ‘Reflective, true gold’. This is similar to golden bronze, just a lot lighter and more wearable as a highlight shade. It would look perfect on tanned skin, and just gives a beautiful bronzed glow.

Verdict: So as you can probably tell, I definitely think they are worth the hype. If you are addicted to makeup like me, you need one your life. Or even if you just want to try some highlighters, these kits are all you need, as you have so many different options, and they are so versatile. There is something to suit every skin tone, and they just give such a beautiful glow. They are really good value for money, and very high quality. I would definitely recommend That Glow, and now i really want to try the Gleam kit too!

Have you guys tried the Anastasia Glow Kits? If so, what do you think?

thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Aisha xxx



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