Kiko Eyeshadows – First Impression/Review


Hey guys! So today I popped into Kiko (just for a quick look), and I came out with 7 new eyeshadows (as usual). Their displays are too tempting; there are so many many products, so many beautiful colours, so many formulas, and everything is so affordable, so how could I not pick something up?

I’ve never really tried Kiko eyeshadows before, so I thought I would give them a go as they are only £5.90. AND GUESS WHAT? Online they are doing a special offer at the moment, and each Inifinity eyshadow is £2.80, can you believe it??? Anyway, I picked up six Infinity Eyeshadows and one Water / Long-Lasting Wet & Dry Eyeshadow. As they were so affordable, I didn’t really know what to expect, and whether they would be good quality or not, so obviously when I got home I had to test them out. So here’s what I thought; my first impressions/review + swatches + colour descriptions.

First Impressions/Review: Basically, I’m pretty impressed… When I swatched them in store, they felt so creamy and buttery, and most of them swatched so beautifully on my hand, especially the more metallic ones. The matte ones were a little bit patchy, but they built up really easily and all of them were really pigmented.

For such an affordable price, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve tried a few drugstore eyeshadows which have been super patchy and chalky with no pigment at all, and I was kind of expecting the same with these, even though I know Kiko is a really good quality brand.

Even after being really impressed with the swatches in store, I had my doubts, as I’ve never really heard anyone rave about Kiko eyeshadows. However, as soon as I started applying them to my lids, my doubts disappeared. They translated just as pigmented onto the lids as they did in the swatches, and they were really easy to blend. The only problem I had was with the matte one, which was a bit patchy and difficult to work with, and required a lot of building and blending. However, after some work, it started to look beautiful. There was also a LOT of fallout with the darker colours. I also don’t like the fact that they have numbers rather than names :(.

The Water Eyeshadow was definitely my favourite. I used a wet brush to apply it which just made it so pigmented and metallic, and it blended beautifully.

I’d say that overall, they are obviously not as good as Makeup Geek or Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows, however, for the price they are definitely high quality. I also like the fact that they have a ‘Clics System’ where you can make you own custom made eyeshadow palette with the Infinity Eyeshadows, and they have such a wide range of colours to choose from. I recommend that you try them!

Swatches + Colour Descriptions:

kiko swatches 3.jpg

Infinity Eyeshadow in 270 – A pearly metallic olive green. This one is beautiful, really metallic and pigmented, and super creamy.

Infinity Eyeshadow in 211 – A brick red, metallic copper. This is my favourite, it’s a really warm, metallic copper, and it’s also really pigmented.

Infinity Eyeshadow in 213 – A matte, neutral cocoa brown. This is a perfect transition shade, it’s not patchy like the other matte one, and it would be perfect for any eyeshadow look.

Infinity Eyeshadow in 256 – A foiled, metallic true yellow gold. I love this one. It’s so foiled and pigmented, and it’s a perfect gold colour.

Infinity Eyeshadow in 268 – A matte, cool turquoise green. This one was the patchy one, it’s a bit chalky but the colour is beautiful. It’s perfect for adding a pop of colour on the lower lash line.

Water Eyeshadow in 213 – A dark, metallic, emerald/slate green. I loved this formula the most. This colour is super dark and bold, and it applies so easily.


I created this look using 213 in the crease, 270 as a base, 213 Water eyeshadow all over the lid and 268 to blend everything together.

So I hope you enjoyed this post/found it helpful. Sorry I rambled a bit, but I hope it was somewhat informative. I really want to try more Kiko eyeshadows now, including some of their other formulas!

Have you guys tried Kiko eyeshadows before?

Thanks for reading!

Aisha xxx




  1. i love kiko shadows, i have two palettes full of them 🙈 but there such a reasonable price of £3 and there soo much bigger then make up geek ones!
    Ive also used kiko; pigment and bronzer and there both just as amazing!

    1. I’m glad someone else loves them too!
      That’s true, I forgot to mention how big the pans are, you get so much product for your money!
      IM gonna have to try some more products from them:)

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