Lime Crime Liquid Lipsticks | Review / Swatches


Hey guys! So a while ago I decided to purchase a bunch of Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid Lipsticks, and I thought I’d review them for you guys today! I picked 3 shades myself, and then I also purchased a ‘Velve-Tin’ which is a beautiful rose shaped tin containing three of their mini Velvetines.

I love the idea of the Velve-Tin because you get to try out the formula, you get three shades for £22.50 (and I love having a huge range of shades of lipstick to choose from), the packaging is beautiful (see pic below) and I don’t know about you, but I never get through a whole liquid lipstick, so the minis will last me a while anyway.


So on with the review….


These have quickly become one of my favourite liquid lipstick formula. I purchased a range of Matte and Metallic shades, and both of the formulas are amazing.

The mattes are so pigmented, and they glide on the lips so effortlessly. They are not drying and are so comfortable to wear, it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. They also last all day, which I found out after wearing the shade ‘Cashmere’ on a 12-hour shift at work, and it was still there by the end! They even last through eating and drinking, and they fade naturally, without leaving that nasty ‘ring’. I haven’t found any inconsistencies with the matte shades, they are all pigmented and there is no patchiness whatsoever!

Now, with the metallics I was also very impressed! Most metallics that I’ve tried from other brands are very inconsistent, some are pigmented but some are just awful and patchy. Metallics are definitely very difficult to get right! The Lime Crime ones are my favourites that I’ve tried so far, they are pigmented and have a beautiful sheen. There is one shade however, called ‘Posh’, a dark purple metallic, which is a bit difficult to work with and requires two to three layers to stop it looking patchy, but once it’s on, it looks beautiful. The other shades require just one swipe for full pigmentation. The formula is the same as the mattes in terms of comfort and long-lastingness (is that even a word?).


I am OBSESSED with the packaging. They have a beautiful metallic red cap with pink roses on them, and they just look so beautiful. I also love how the packaging is clear so you can see each shade. The applicator is a standard doe-foot applicator which makes them easy to apply. Also the rose tin is so cute ❤


The single Velvetines retail for £14.95 each on, and the Velve-Tin retails for £22.50.

Shade Range:

 The shade range is phenomenal. There are at least 45 Matte Velvetines and around 9 Metallic ones. There is an amazing range of nudes, reds, purples, and even brights such as a lime green shade. There is definitely something to suit every skin tone, every taste, and every makeup look possible. IN LOVE ❤




This is my favourite shade of them all. It is a matte, cool toned mauve shade, perfect for every day.



A dark purple metallic. This one was a bit patchy and difficult to apply. It is also not as metallic as the others.



A rose pink metallic. This one is beautiful ❤



This is a mini that came in the Velve-Tin. It’s a metallic light pink shade with gold reflects. This is a wearable metallic and it’s so cute ❤



Also a mini. It’s a matte nude which is just a tiny bit darker than my skin tone. Also perfect for every day wear.



Last mini from the Velve-Tin. This is a true bronze gold shade. It is so pigmented and is cool for something a bit different!

So that’s it guys. Hope you enjoyed this review!

Which one is your favourite shade?

Have you guys tried them? If so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading,

Aisha xxx




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